Tuesday, September 08, 2009

More Summer 2009 Mission Activties

Derek, Francine and their son, Yohannes, visted. They are converts to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and enjoy visiting and supporting our mission efforts. Derek is orginally from Barabados. Francine, from the island of Dominica in the Caribbean. Yohannes was born in Chicago, where they travel from to grace our mission. Some may remember Derek gave a presentation for our mission on the Orthodox Church in the Caribbean a few years ago.

Another activity of the summer in Madison area, is moving. Being the home of a major university, it makes sense that by the end of summer hundreds, maybe thousands, actually change theior residence or move to Madison from somewhere else. In Holy Orthodoxy, we practice the blessing of homes. One blessing of a home was for Brhne and Rahel's new home (above).

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