Friday, June 12, 2009

Activity and Upcoming Events

Holy Transfiguration Annual Picnic will be Sunday, AUGUST 9, 2009
Holy Qurbana for our mission feast day (perunal) will start at 8:30am - an hour earlier. The picnic with the blessing of fruit and family games will begin around 11am at the Burrows Park shelter (same place as last year) in Madison, Wisconsin.

Congratulations to Mesi on her graduation from Waunakee High School and best wishes for her studies at UW-Milwaukee this fall!
Congratulations to Dr. Jacob Ninan and his new wife Glynus. They were married at St Thomas - Detroit this spring. Dr. Ninan is studying under a fellowship at UW Hospital.
Congratulations to Mulusew and Mesi for running and completing the annual Madison Marathon in May!
Congratulations to Christopher who won a thespian award for Best Special Costume for his design of the crowns in Middleton HIgh School's MacBeth!
Congratulations to Renu Paul for completing her first term as a college professor and completed her Master Degree in Philosophy at Michigan State University. She has been accepted for doctoral work at UW-Madison and plans on moving to Madison soon. She was also one of the principal organizers of the Bishop Makarios dedication ceremony held at Alma College (see below)

Mission Represented by Fr John Brian and Teresa Kochamma at the Dedication of the Memorial Sculpture in honor of our departed Makarios Thirumeni (Metropolitan Thomas Mar Makarios) in Alma College in Michigan on May 16, 2009. see separate article in this blog - which has links to pictures and text of speeches given that day.

Pray for Teresa Kochamma who will be getting medically necessary jaw surgery on June 15, 2009. She has been preparing with orthodontics for over a year and will have up to six months of recovery.

Memorial Prayers have been said for these Orthodox Christians related to our mission:
Dr Kenneth Paprock, PhD - April 1, 2009 - through 40 days
Dr Yuri Shcheglov, PhD - April 11, 2009 - through 40 days
Dr Daniel George Siewert - May 20, 2008 - 1st anniversary

Special Thank You to St. Silouan Orthodox Church (Antiochian) in College Station, Texas for their support of Fr John Brian when he was there for his father's secular memorial. (photo of Fr John Brian with Fr Gregory - priest at St Silouan)

Again, Fr John Brian would like to thank everyone for their prayers and best wishes during the initial time of mourning the death of his father. The cards the emails and the phone call were all appreciated and deeply felt.

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