Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Audio Sermons for the Lenten Fast

Since 2006 recorded sermons and talks at Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Mission in Madison, Wisconsin have been offered on-line. Since the sermons and talks are almost all extemporaneously given, there is no text and no notes for these sermons.

Starting with an initial request for recorded sermons from a member who moved from Wisconsin to California, this has evolved from cumbersome attempts at cassette tape recording to audio podcasting and on-line listening.

With close to 200 on-line audio sermons and talks available (downloaded over 10,000 times worldwide), Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Mission ministry is regularly shared from its small chapel in Madison, Wisconsin USA to places around the world. The archives are searched almost daily for spiritual teachings and direction. The Mission has been honored to provide all of this freely. We are grateful to God for this privilege and ask for your prayers and support to continue this local, national and international ministry.

Here are some sermons, especially gathered for Lent, from the past few years on spiritual work of fasting and healing in Orthodox Christianity, :

To podcast or download any or all of these sermons go to: or

In The Wilderness With Animals and Angels
More Than Animal Nature
Better Than A Donkey
Nineveh - Christian Refuge?
Our Divine Purpose in Lent
Necessary Weakness
When Light Increases Fast
Giving Giving Up Giving Away
Healing in Community
Further Healing in Community
Carried and Forgiven
Blind Generosity
Birthright Salvation
Living Through Death On Both Sides
Living Limitless Life
Born Again and Again

May the Lord bless and increase all good things to you and all your loved ones!
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