Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Orthodox Priest Wins Community Award

From: Teresa Kochamma


Rev. Fr. John-Brian Paprock, a Chaplain in the UW Hospital Spiritual Care Services Department and at HospiceCare, received the "Middleton Good Neighbor Award" in a ceremony at the Good Neighbor Festival on Sunday, August 24.

GNF Committee President Rich Schmidt said the committee voted "unanimously and without hesitation" to present the award to Rev. Paprock, who was nominated by retired Boy Scout Troop 940 Scoutmaster Ron Berman, with whom he worked for many years.

Schmidt said Rev . Paprock "is truly an asset to our community."

Rev. Paprock, priest of Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church, was honored for his community volunteer service including:

* Activities with the Middleton Boy Scouts since his son Christopher became a member. Rev. Paprock was Cubmaster of Middleton Cub Scout Pack 540 (and maintained the website at the time). Since then he has done a great deal of volunteer fundraising for the pack/troop such as face-painting, dunk-tanking, and working at Brat Fest.
* Volunteering in the Middleton Schools, including doing Art in the Classroom ... speaking to classes about Native American Effigy Mounds ... talking to children at Sauk Trail School about their concerns right after 9-11 ... providing a display at the intercultural awareness day ... and
helping out regularly in the high school library

* Founding Madison's annual Interfaith Awareness Week 10 years ago and bringing the event to Middleton two years ago ... organizing an annual program at the Middleton Public Library that attracts Middleton residents representing a variety of religious traditions - including Sikhism, the Baha'i Faith, Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity - for education and dialogue
* Many contributions to the Madison community in years past, including helping to found the Teen Loft ... serving on the religious advisory committee at the Wisconsin Department of Corrections ... founding the Madison Region Chapter of the World Future Society ... serving on the mental health services committee of the local American Red Cross ... serving on the
board of directors of Madison Urban Ministry ... and more.

The GNF Committee gives three Good Neighbor awards each year. The other two awards went to Kathy Olson and to Brenda & Bob Rosebrough. A press release from the committee said "Collectively, these award winners have participated in a staggering number of volunteer efforts ... Nominees must reside in the Middleton area and their contributions to the community should be of sufficient duration to warrant recognition."

For more information - http://www.goodneighborfestival.com/

"Reflections on Receiving the Good Neighbor Award" by Fr John Brian (just posted)

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