Saturday, February 23, 2008

Eternal Memory! - Bishop Thomas Mar Makarios

Eternal Memory!
O Son of God grant rest to Your servant among the righteous in that eternal
kingdom with Your saints!

Bishop Thomas Mar Makarios, founder of the Mission Society of St Gregorios
of India, died February 23, 2008 at the hospital in England where he had
been since an automobile accident (January 5, 2008). This is a great loss to
our small mission, but also to the whole Orthodox Church.

"In the abodes of the just, in the habitations of the righteous, and in the
congregations of the elect, who of old were pleasing unto You, grant, O
Lord, through Your loving-kindness, rest and delight to this Your servant
Thomas Mar Makarios Thirumeni, who has departed and journeyed to You, where
the saints rejoice, so that with them he may offer You glory and praise now
and at all times forever and ever. Amen."
Opening prayer from the memorial service

The MGOCN(Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Network) has set up a way for
anyone to participate worldwide in praying for Thirumeni's eternal rest and
posting condolences at the official site of the Parumala Church

Makarios Thirumeni's Mini Site:

  • Holy Transfiguration Publications: books by Fr John Brian