Monday, March 09, 2015

Closing the Cambridge Place Chapel

The blessings we have received from our chapel at Cambridge Place in Madison came to an end in December 2014. This. after long discussions about the mission in Madison, changes in membership over the last few years and the financial hardships felt by many, it was decided that the chapel was too much to continue in a rented suite.  It was a Sunday of mixed feelings for those that came to the chapel for the last services.  They also stayed to help pack up the larger items for storage. Thank you to all the fine servants, especially Robb and his truck!

Father John Brian reminded everyone that it is the Lord's mission and we are but his servants.  He also stated that there is no abandonment of the mission by the Bishop or the Archdiocese and that Father John  Brian will continue services in Madison at another location. He will be in Minneapolis and travel to Madison for the mission monthly or as needed.  Please keep Father and the Mission in your prayers.

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