Friday, April 27, 2012

Meaningful Sacrifice: A Course in Christian Spirituality

Meaningful Sacrifice: A Course in Christian Spirituality

At Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Chapel in Madison, Wisconsin, eight sermons on Christian Spirituality were given by Fr. John-Brian Paprock with the theme of "Meaningful Sacrifice" in order to clarify and teach the deeper meaning of Christian sacrifice in real life as well as in metaphor and story.

These eight teaching sermons are based on an excerpt from Second Century Christian theologian, Origen. The exceprt is from his "Homilies on Leviticus" that has been entitled: "Seven Sacrifices - Seven Remissions" (see below for link to the excerpt).

In total, almost four hours of important teaching in developing Christian Spirituality. The mission offers this freely as part of the Orthodox Christian ministry on the internet. Just go to the sermon page below to listen on-line or follow the instructions for Pod-casting downloads or RSS feeds.

Part 1
Introduction to Meaningful Sacrifice
Baptism and Martyrdom

Part 2
Meaningful Sacrifice Introduction Continued
Baptism, Martyrdom and Charitible Giving

Part 3
The Sacrifice of Forgiving Others

Part 4
The Sacrifice of Conversion

Part 5
The True Sacrifice of Christian Love

Part 6
Confession is a Sacrifice

Part 7
The Sacrifice of Penance

Part 8
The Meaning of Christian Sacrifice

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from Origen's Homilies on Levitus is available
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