Thursday, August 17, 2006

Reflections on my baptismal experience by John Hernan

Dear ones,

One of the privileges of our small mission is the honor of bearing witness
to new birth in the Spirit of one born of the flesh many years before. One
of the recent additions to our Church family, John Hernan, was baptized in
March 2006 [
html and
ml ]. I asked him for some of his reflections. He graciously submitted the
following for our benefit.

Your servant,
Fr John Brian


Reflections on my baptismal experience
By John Hernan (August 2006)

My experience of the actual baptism was extremely wonderful! I have
touched God in a way I never knew existed.

Whether one is baptized at birth or, like myself, at a later date -
as an adult, I don't think that matters much to God. All he asks (in my
view) is to be loved in any way and at any time - even the smallest amount
is enough for him. He loves all and will do anything to see us happy and
safe in His love.

My emotions were very strong during baptism. It is something I will
never forget. It is a comfort knowing there are so many who have faith and
believe in the priesthood, the church - the sons and daughters of God - and,
of course, God as a personal friend.

My view today, after being baptized a short while ago, is that God
just really wants to be understood by all. And He wants to help us all in
the path, whatever that path may be. I think one of the best ways to accept
that help, after some enlightenment and purifying of one's soul at the
source, is to approach God not as an object of worship as such, but as a
friend and as a guide to a better way of life. God does know all things,
after all.

I find Mother Mary, also called Theotokos (particularly the icon of
Kazan - Russian: Казанская Богоматерь) to be a comfort to me, particularly
since my baptism.

Jesus stated that the kingdom was already here, just that we have
not seen it yet. It is a matter of perception. A vital key to understanding
anything in this world has been provided for us by His infinite mercy. To
learn, to live, to love are important for growth and change. LIVE and LET
LIVE is a good motto.

If you are happy and content in life, that is what is important to
me now. I do ask for your guidance, your understanding, and, most of all,
your love.

I feel my heart grow stronger as each day passes and it is beating

Thank you for the gift of baptism.

May God bless all you do in all your ways!

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