Thursday, February 09, 2006

Memorial for HH Baselios Marthoma Mathews II - we conducted memorial  Posted by Picasa

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    Blogger John Brian said...

    We conducted memorial at the chapel already (the Sunday following his passing) and we will have another memorial on March 5 - nearest Sunday to the 40th day after HH passed away.

    90 images of HH funeral in India can be found at URL:;jsessionid=80F81D7F453FC2329D57EDB0BD2285A2

    These were taken by two of our seminary students Saju and Shawn...

    Here is Saju's note:

    These pictures are of the funeral of the Catholicos (head) of the Malankara (Indian) Syriac Orthodox Church, who is now of blessed memory. These pictures were taken from the day he passed on January 26th through his funeral on January 28th. Over the course of these 3 days all eight of the liturgical services of the funeral for clergy was celebrated in four churches (Devalokam Aramana, Orthodox Theological Seminary, Mar Elia Cathedral, Mar Elia Chapel).

    His Holiness Moran Mar Baslios Marthoma Mathews II led the Church from 1991 until his retirement just 3 months ago.

    Also, please email these pictures to whoever you feel would be interested in seeing them.

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    Blogger John Brian said...

    We followed with a memorial on March 5, 2006 for the 40th day of memory. + Baselios Marthoma Mathews II, pray for us! +

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